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Mental Illness and Diet

Recent studies have found a link between an unhealthy diet and mental ill health. Bad diets are therefore a risk factor in depression and anxiety. Emotional dysregulation in children is also a problem for children with bad diets. As mentioned previously, the research found that those that eat a high fibre, nutritionally varied diet, are happier and fight depression better than those that do not have a good diet.

Simple Changes

You may well be asking how can a modern woman- a woman wearing many hats- take on board this vast amount of information? It does seem mind-boggling, but it’s totally within your grasp. It’s simply about being mindful and making simple, incremental changes. Start with a ten -minute daily walk and build on that. Choose your favourite Lorna Jane outfit to add sparkle to your workout, and pre-pack a lunch and snacks so you’re not tempted by unhealthy options when on the go.

Many women feel the pressure of juggling it all, while wanting to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. As modern women, we have a number of suggestions. In order to ensure that we eat healthy, pre-packing meals, meal prep, and 30 minutes of convenient exercise helps us manage it all.

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