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About Sarah Tottle

Sarah Tottle is a psychologist, psychotherapist and qualified health coach. 

She was educated at the University of London, holds counselling qualifications from the AIPC and studied group psychotherapy at the prestigious Institute of Group Analysis in London. She holds two Master's degrees in health-related disciplines, is pursuing a PhD, and is lecturer in psychotherapy.

Sarah is passionate about holistic living and wants to see all her clients live out their full potential. 

Sarah offers nutritional consulting, coaching and psychotherapy via SKYPE, telephone and face-to-face. 

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Achieve Your Goals

As a health coach, I believe in empowering my clients to make choices that ultimately liberate them. 

We have all been socialised, which means we're often living out the expectations of others. As a coach, I want to help people make choices that help them live an authentic life, achieving their goals, and getting through any of life's hurdles.

We all need someone to talk to in life. We all go through ups and downs. Having a qualified psychotherapist to chat with, can really help you through these times of need.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

We all need someone to talk to from time to time. As a qualified psychotherapist, I offer telephone, SKYPE and face-to-face services to help you through any of life's challenging situations.

My approach is simple. I'm empathetic. I believe in human growth. I also know that we can overcome difficulties when we have someone to listen to us. I use a mixture of CBT, solution-focused brief therapy and positive psychology to help you move forward and experience healing.

Coaching and Consulting

Whether your aim is to get fit and healthy, run a marathon, write a book, or start a business, my coaching service will help you.

With a wealth of experience coaching start-ups, graduates and service users, I have a mixed approach that works. 

Want someone to brainstorm with? I'm your person. My goal is to help you meet your goals. 

Nutritional Consulting and Health Coaching

As a psychologist, I realised that mental and physical health were inextricably linked. Our food and lifestyle impacts on our mood, and vice versa. 

Because of this, I decided to embark on a nutritional consulting course and become a qualified health coach. 

Nutrition has really helped me in my own personal life and I want to share that passion with you.

At Sarah Tottle Coaching and Consulting, we have a range of courses. From mindfulness short courses to accredited diplomas, get in touch to see how we can help you.


Short Courses and Accredited Diplomas

All You Need to Know

In conjunction with Etut Education Professionals, Sarah Tottle offers a range of accredited courses.

If you would like to learn more about our range of short courses, get in touch. The accredited life coaching and positive psychology diploma  allows you to practise as a life coach. You can study with us, gaining full tutor support, for just $495 AUD. 


Love conquers all. I am a passionate believer in human growth. You were designed for excellence.  It's within you.

Sarah Tottle

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